Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

Online Programs

I am CEO of Saturn Leadership, an online training and leadership development company. We offer free and premium online classes in challenging conversations, collaboration and leadership. Please join us for a free class in challenging conversations–it’s Hollywood produced and very engaging 1.5 hour class!

In-Person Programs

I rarely lead customized or in-person programs these days. When I do, I specialize in helping leaders resolve conflicts, negotiate, persuade, and innovate cross-culturally. Whether it’s a multinational company, a small startup, or a non-profit, leaders are not well-prepared to move through difficult situations to create breakthrough conversations. Just 1/2 to 2 days of training give people the skills to more effectively innovate and create far more value for their organizations and their customers.

Most of my programs are customized for my clients and are hosted at their locations.  From a cross-cultural perspective, I have visited or worked in over 57 countries and have often addressed the challenges of globally-dispersed teams, vendor-relationships, and selling cross-culturally. 

Through my programs, which can range from a short 1/2 day program to a complete innovation intensive over the course of 6 months, people will learn how to effectively move through conflict, lead innovation, manage and coach team members, work with vendors, and manage up.

In my workshops, participants will learn a unique set of rubber-meets-the-road skills that they can immediately bring back into the work and family environments.


Many of the tools I teach are based on my work with the Harvard Negotiation Project, the Collaborative Way, and 18 years of consulting in change management, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership development. My work has been derived from:

  • Harvard Negotiation Project: In 2005, I was invited to teach Negotiations at Harvard as a TA. Since then, I have taught many 1 and 2-day courses based on the books Getting to Yes and Difficult Conversations.
  • Persuasion & Group Decision Making: I’ve been actively studying persuasion and group decision making for over 20 years. Many blocks to innovation come from poor individual and group processes. I’m writing a white paper on this topic which I’ll post within a week or two.
  • Organizational Change: I spent many years leading large-scale change projects–everything from customer service to supply-chain management to complete business process re-engineering efforts. These projects usually took 6-12 months, cost millions of dollars, and many of them failed to meet their original objectives or faced severe implementation challenges. Seeing the successes and failures of these large scale change projects has led me to believe that small micro-innovations, especially in how departments interact cross-functionally, are one of the best ways for a company to continually evolve to keep up with the ever-changing business environment.


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