Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

My Vision for a Rural Community

My vision is to live with a community in the mountains and operate a retreat center for executive retreats, residential workshops, and youth programs. I envision 8-10 families living on the property, each bringing their own talents, programs, and workshops.

Community Living: Each family has their own house, which are rustic, about 100 yards apart, arranged in a semicircle. From each house, there is a path leading towards the center, where there is a common space for gatherings, workshops, events, children to play, etc. The common space includes a hall for dancing with a hardwood floor, a commercial kitchen, bathrooms, as well as a crafts area, a woodshop, and a painting and clay studio.

Property: The property borders on a National Forest, and the center of the property is a meadow surrounded by trees. A small stream or river is running over small waterfalls through the trees, and then it meanders through the meadow, where there is a swimming hole. Elsewhere on the property, goats and chickens are raised and we have a stable for horses. An organic garden is one of the community projects and we often plant and harvest together, inviting the wider community to participate. It is safe for the children to wander, and of course there is a dinner bell to call everyone back home when it’s time to eat. Nearby, there is a river for rafting and kayaking.

Green Building: The property is on the grid, but has an extensive solar array and windmills feeding into the grid and a back-up power system. We use green building techniques wherever possible, and we have a well with ample, pure water.

Location & Accessibility: The property is in the mountains below the snowline, perhaps between 1000 and 4000 feet in elevation. It is accessible year round, and there is an airstrip either on the property or nearby in order to provide easy access to eccentric friends with airplanes and executives who want to limit travel time. The property is within a 20 minute drive of a small town (10-30,000 residents) , that has a strong cultural component including theatre, plays, live music, poetry slams, and other cultural events. The local school district is Waldorf-inspired.

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