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Facilitator, Speaker, and Executive Coach with a BA in Psychology, MBA, and 18 years of experience leading change initiatives, executive retreats, and training programs.


  • Taught Negotiations at Harvard Law School as a TA (2007)
  • Taught Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology as adjunct faculty (2007)
  • Taught Negotiations & Business Communications at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley as a Graduate Student Instructor (2000)
  • Guest lectured at San Francisco State University’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s Degree Program


Startup CEO Coaching:

  • Casper Mattresses
  • Kickstarter
  • Sonder
  • VSCO
  • Orbital Insight
  • Fundera
  • Skyryse
  • Building Connected
  • Darwin AI
  • Everspin
  • Bus.com
  • UpGrad
  • Creative Market
  • DataSift
  • Teespring
  • Apteligent
  • Beyond Games
  • Flowroute
  • The Reformation
  • Skycatch
  • SOLS
  • Spredfast
  • Maestro Conference
  • WineAccess
  • The CUSP
  • Zirtual

Startup Exec Coaching:

  • Earnest
  • Oscar Health
  • TripAdvisor
  • Harry’s
  • Homejoy
  • Warby Parker

Leadership Training:

  • Facilitated over 60 workshops in innovation, negotiation, and conflict resolution for managers in the U.S., Mexico, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • Taught conflict resolution and win-win management to Managing Directors at Merrill Lynch.
  • Taught negotiation skills to managers at Renaissance Reinsurance and Glencoe Insurance.
  • Designed an all-hands meeting for Cisco’s IT department.
  • Facilitated the executive team of Stockwell Rubber Company, a custom gasket manufacturer for military and industrial prototyping, in launching best-practice initiatives with collaborative methodologies. (2005)
  • Coached the CEO of Elray Manufacturing, a metal die and stamp company, in shifting his leadership and organizational practices to raise the productivity across the company. (2005)
  • Facilitated the Brandywine Building Services and American Seaboard executive teams in collaboration practices to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. (2005)
  • Worked with the executive team of Metallurgical Products Company, a copper and metal alloy manufacturer, in increasing collaborative practices and decision-making. (2005)
  • Designed & facilitated the Jackson & Wallace Law Firm annual retreat for 65 lawyers to define the vision and strategy of the company, and create innovation and ownership across the firm. (2005)
  • Conducted training for the senior staff at Black Rock City, LLC on how to improve collaboration. (2005)
  • Led workshops for CapitalOne ‘s marketing and IT departments to improve collaboration and performance. (2003)
  • Managed a $4m budget and a 30-member team to develop and implement a corporate-wide values training program at CapitalOne. Accountable for the successful delivery of 115 workshops to 8100 participants in 5 countries. (2002)
  • Led focus groups at Kaiser Permanente call centers to implement management best practices and improve cost efficiency. Developed a leadership assessment tool to identify and improve managers’ competencies. (2000)
  • Developed a sales training course for the marketing department at ePods Internet Devices. (2000)
  • Taught Negotiations & Business Communications as a Graduate Student Instructor at the Haas School of Business. (2000)
  • Designed and taught American Management Systems (AMS) training seminars on project management and Business Process Reengineering. (1995)
  • Designed and taught a project management training program at BellSouth to achieve CMM level-2 certification. (AMS, 1994)
  • Created an on-line training program for supply chain management at Phoenix Nuclear Power Plants. (AMS, 1993)

Organizational Development:

  • Worked with the leadership of Cisco‘s IT department to redefine roles and responsibilities and change the organizational structure to increase customer satisfaction. (2006)
  • Facilitated executives and directors in a series of meetings to define new roles and responsibilities for 1000+ employees at the GAP. Created a learning strategy and toolset to implement the responsibility changes. (2005)
  • Conducted an organizational diagnosis for Daughters of Charity Health System and supported the operational team through a cultural shift. (2004)
  • Facilitated leadership team meetings at Banana Republic, including design, merchandising, manufacturing, and retail executives, to clarify responsibilities and improve the interactions across the organization. (2003)
  • Redesigned performance management at FormFactor Semiconductor to improve cross-department collaboration. (2001)
  • Analyzed the roles and responsibilities of executive team leaders at Target to improve performance. (2001)
  • Facilitated a cross-functional team at QuantumShift including the sales, marketing, customer service, billing, and IT departments to design and launch four new products. (2000)
  • Led a $14m, 110-person SBC/Ameritech team that developed and implemented a new ordering and payment process. Coached Ameritech directors in shaping the corporate culture and increased performance by 20{249f46d35e125e5d36d4111e0cd334f9fdb6c3b4f27c324a0773c7a3741b98d9}. (1998)
  • Led a 15-member Verizon project management team that designed and implemented a new sales system. Managed the corporate changes and system implementation across the U.S. (AMS, 1996)
  • Established AT&T‘s first risk management group. Facilitated the sales, marketing, and billing groups to design the risk management organization. Developed new compensation structures across the company. (AMS, 1995)
  • Facilitated a cross-functional U.S. Military Hospitals team to improve the diagnosis process. (AMS, 1995)
  • Developed and implemented a best-in-class sales process when AirTouch and U.S. West merged their PCS operations. (AMS, 1994)
  • Led a 5-person team at the Army & Air Force Exchange supermarkets that designed a process for stores to share best practices in ordering, customer service, and supply chain management. (AMS, 1993)

Growth Strategies and Funding:

  • Helped raise over $1m in capital for various clients, including MyFunRide, MaestroConference, Rocky Mountain Ventures, and If I were your Daddy
  • Designed and facilitated a strategic planning retreat for PowerCatalyst, an energy industry consulting firm.
  • Facilitated a 2-day vision and strategy retreat for Paravue, an image recognition software company.
  • Worked with the CEO of SystemTosh to co-develop the pricing and rollout strategy for the startup. (2005)
  • Designed and facilitated a quarterly retreat for the Sales Team at Tribal Fusion, a web-based advertising company.
  • Facilitated the Awe to Action Research Team from 6 leading universities in designing and launching a cross-disciplinary scientific study. Launching online tools that positively impact health and productivity. (2004)
  • Co-facilitated the Mountain Hardware executive retreat to develop a 5-year business and operational strategy. (2004)
  • Designed and facilitated the annual retreat for the Council on Spiritual Practices to develop the vision, mission, and goals of the non-profit. (2004)
  • Worked with the leadership team of the Arete Center for Excellence to define the values, vision, and strategy. Conducted an organizational assessment to increase productivity and effectiveness. (2004)
  • Designed and facilitated the annual steering committee retreat for the Richmond Interfaith Coalition, a San Francisco-based non-profit. (2004)
  • Developed a 3-year operational strategy for T:KUU, a SF-based apparel and accessory design company. (2004)
  • Produced a strategic and financial model for QiFusion, a Chinese-medicine manufacturer and distributor. (2004)
  • Coached the leader of the cross-enterprise CRM strategy group at Charles Schwab. (2003)
  • Designed a compensation structure for salesmen at Ford‘s fixed-price dealerships to increase sales volumes. (2001)


U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business, MBA, 2001

  • Focus: Organizational Development
  • Founded Redwoods, a 200-member teambuilding and experiential education club
  • Vice President, Net Impact (Students for Social Responsible Business)

University of Pennsylvania, BA, Psychology, 1993

  • Focus: Social Psychology, Summa Cum Laude


Facilitate retreats and workshops for non-profits. Lead rafting trips for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. Teach partner dance. Traveled & volunteered in 55+ countries. Conversant in Spanish.

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