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Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

By Industry

Facilitator, Speaker, and Executive Coach with a BA in Psychology, MBA, and 18 years of experience leading change initiatives, executive retreats, and training programs. Please see my most recent resume on the NeubergGore website.


  • Taught Negotiations at Harvard Law School as a TA (2007)
  • Taught Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology as adjunct faculty (2007)
  • Taught Negotiations & Business Communications at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley as a Graduate Student Instructor (2000)
  • Guest lectured at San Francisco State University’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s Degree Program


Startup CEO Coaching:

  • Casper Mattresses
  • Kickstarter
  • Sonder
  • VSCO
  • Orbital Insight
  • Fundera
  • Skyryse
  • Building Connected
  • Darwin AI
  • Everspin
  • Bus.com
  • UpGrad
  • Creative Market
  • DataSift
  • Teespring
  • Apteligent
  • Beyond Games
  • Flowroute
  • The Reformation
  • Skycatch
  • SOLS
  • Spredfast
  • Maestro Conference
  • WineAccess
  • The CUSP
  • Zirtual

Startup Exec Coaching:

  • Earnest
  • Oscar Health
  • TripAdvisor
  • Harry’s
  • Homejoy
  • Warby Parker

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare:

  • Taught conflict management, influence, and innovation skills to managers at Genentech. (2007)
  • Taught courses in conflict management and innovation to managers at MedImmune. (2007)
  • Conducted an organizational diagnosis for Daughters of Charity Health System and supported the operational team through a cultural shift. (2004)
  • Led focus groups at Kaiser Permanente call centers to implement management best practices and improve cost efficiency. Developed a leadership assessment tool to identify and improve managers’ competencies. (2000)

High Tech:

  • Designed and facilitated the strategic planning retreat for PowerCatalyst, an energy industry consulting firm. (2006)
  • Facilitated a 2-day vision and strategy retreat for Paravue, an image recognition software company. (2006)
  • Worked with the leadership of Cisco‘s IT department to redefine roles and responsibilities and change the organizational structure to increase customer satisfaction. (2006)
  • Developed a sales training course for the marketing department at ePods Internet Devices. (2000)
  • Redesigned performance management at FormFactor Semiconductor to improve cross-department collaboration. (2001)

Military & Nuclear:

  • Coached Regional Plant Manager of 10 power plants at Entergy Nuclear
  • Led a 5-person team at the Army & Air Force Exchange supermarkets that designed a process for stores to share best practices in ordering, customer service, and supply chain management. (AMS, 1993)
  • Facilitated a cross-functional U.S. Military Hospitals team to improve the diagnosis process. (AMS, 1995)
  • Created an on-line training program for supply chain management at Phoenix Nuclear Power Plants. (AMS, 1993)


  • Facilitated the executive team of Stockwell Rubber Company, a custom gasket manufacturer for military and industrial prototyping, in launching best-practice initiatives with collaborative methodologies. (2005)
  • Coached the CEO of Elray Manufacturing, a metal die and stamp company, in shifting his leadership and organizational practices to raise the productivity across the company. (2005)
  • Worked with the executive team of Metallurgical Products Company, a copper and metal alloy manufacturer, in increasing collaborative practices and decision-making. (2005)

Consumer Products:

  • Worked with the CEO of SystemTosh to co-develop the pricing and rollout strategy for the startup. (2005)
  • Analyzed the roles and responsibilities of executive team leaders at Target to improve performance. (2001)
  • Produced a strategic and financial model for QiFusion, a Chinese-medicine manufacturer and distributor. (2004)
  • Designed a compensation structure for salesmen at Ford‘s fixed-price dealerships to increase sales volumes. (2001)

Financial & Legal Services:

  • Taught courses in negotiation, conflict management, or innovation at the following companies:
    • Mastercard
    • Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong)
    • Glencoe Insurance
    • Renaissance Reinsurance
  • Designed and led the annual FCE Benefits executive retreat. (2007)
  • Designed & facilitated the Jackson & Wallace Law Firm annual retreat for 65 lawyers to define the vision and strategy of the company, and create innovation and ownership across the firm. (2005)
  • Led workshops for CapitalOne ‘s marketing and IT departments to improve collaboration and performance. (2003)
  • Managed a $4m budget and a 30-member team to develop and implement a corporate-wide values training program at CapitalOne. Accountable for the successful delivery of 115 workshops to 8100 participants in 5 countries. (2002)
  • Coached the leader of the cross-enterprise CRM strategy group at Charles Schwab. (2003)


  • Facilitated a cross-functional team at QuantumShift including the sales, marketing, customer service, billing, and IT departments to design and launch four new products. (2000)
  • Led a $14m, 110-person SBC/Ameritech team that developed and implemented a new ordering and payment process. Coached Ameritech directors in shaping the corporate culture and increased performance by 20{249f46d35e125e5d36d4111e0cd334f9fdb6c3b4f27c324a0773c7a3741b98d9}. (1998)
  • Led a 15-member Verizon project management team that designed and implemented a new sales system. Managed the corporate changes and system implementation across the U.S. (AMS, 1996)
  • Established AT&T‘s first risk management group. Facilitated the sales, marketing, and billing groups to design the risk management organization. Developed new compensation structures across the company. (AMS, 1995)
  • Developed and implemented a best-in-class sales process when AirTouch and U.S. West merged their PCS operations. (AMS, 1994)
  • Designed and taught a project management training program at BellSouth to achieve CMM level-2 certification. (AMS, 1994)


  • Taught conflict management and innovation skills to managers and executives at the following divisions (2007-2011):
    • The North Face
    • Wrangler
    • Easy Rider
    • Chic
    • Marona
    • Lee Jeans
    • Vans
    • Nautica
  • Taught communication skills to managers at the headquarters of REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) (2007)
  • Facilitated executives and directors in a series of meetings to define new roles and responsibilities for 1000+ employees at the GAP. Created a learning strategy and toolset to implement the responsibility changes. (2005)
  • Facilitated leadership team meetings at Banana Republic, including design, merchandising, manufacturing, and retail executives, to clarify responsibilities and improve the interactions across the organization. (2003)
  • Co-facilitated the Mountain Hardware executive retreat to develop a 5-year business and operational strategy. (2004)
  • Developed a 3-year operational strategy for T:KUU, a SF-based apparel and accessory design company. (2004)


  • Chief Learning Officer, KidConfidence , a media website for parents of kids ages 2-12 (2007-2008, part-time)
  • Designed and facilitated a quarterly retreat for the Sales Team at Tribal Fusion, a web-based advertising company. (2006)
  • Trained the Brandywine Building Services and American Seaboard executive teams in collaboration practices to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. (2005)

Consulting Firms:

  • Principal, Collaborative Way (2003-present, part-time)
  • Director of Operations, SportsMind Management Consulting (2002-3)
  • Director of Consulting, Okno Management Consulting (1998-1999)
  • Designed and taught American Management Systems (AMS) training seminars on project management and Business Process Reengineering. (1995)

Non-profits & Service Businesses:

  • Facilitated the last three annual retreats for the Black Rock City LLC board of directors to improve operations and define the vision and goals of the organization. Designed and led communication trainings across the organization to improve collaboration. (2005-8)
  • Designed and facilitated the annual retreat for AWM, the Association of Women MBAs (2007)
  • Facilitated the annual retreat for Environmental Traveling Companions , a non-profit supporting individuals with disabilities (2007)
  • Worked with the leadership team of the Arete Center for Excellence to define the values, vision, and strategy. Conducted an organizational assessment to increase productivity and effectiveness. (2004)
  • Facilitated the Awe to Action Research Teamfrom 6 leading universities in designing and launching a cross-disciplinary scientific study. Launching online tools that positively impact health and productivity. (2004)
  • Designed and facilitated the annual retreat for the Council on Spiritual Practices to develop the vision, mission, and goals of the non-profit. (2004)
  • Designed and facilitated the annual steering committee retreat for the Richmond Interfaith Coalition, a San Francisco-based non-profit. (2004)


U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business, MBA, 2001

  • Focus: Organizational Development
  • Founded Redwoods, a 200-member teambuilding and experiential education club
  • Vice President, Net Impact (Students for Social Responsible Business)

University of Pennsylvania, BA, Psychology, 1993

  • Focus: Social Psychology, Summa Cum Laude


Lead rafting trips for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. Teach partner dance. Fly open-cockpit airplanes. Traveled or volunteered in 50 countries. Conversant in Spanish.

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