Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

Personal Development

Personal Development is a major theme in my life. My current growing edge is to explore my somatic “blind spots.” Over the past year, I’ve noticed that I have “body armoring” in specific parts of my body and that my top half and my bottom half are both strong, but are not integrated through my core–belly, waist, hips. This lack of integration around my “first shakra” shows up in my dance, my meditation, my leadership style, and even in my relationships. It’s my core where I consistently lose my center. To push through this edge, I am working with a Somatic Coach, Meredith Broome, and am taking leadership workshops with the Strozzi Institute. Richard Strozzi Heckler is a simply astounding teacher and I highly recommend his books, including The Anatomy of Change & Holding the Center.

I would also very highly recommend a weekend workshop called the Arete Experience, which I took in February and now volunteer to assist. It is a weekend retreat that is absolutely amazing. In taking the course, I felt like I saw the souls of my 12 classmates, and I felt completely supported to safely explore my growing edges. It was a very powerful workshop for me, which gave me insights about myself that would have taken me a long time to find on my own. I’m happy to talk about Arete if you want to know more. I think it’s more powerful than the Landmark Forum, which I would also be happy to discuss.

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