Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

Couples Partner Movement

In this 1-day workshop, I lead couples in finding a playful connection with each other through movement and dance. Together, we will create awareness, play, and connection by using techniques from dance, contact improv, partner breathing, martial arts, and massage. I am offering this workshop as a gift to friends because I experience couples movement and energy awareness as a rich and rewarding exploration—a moving meditation that recharges my spirit and deeply connects me with my partner. The next course will be in July and I invite you to come and play.

The partner movement we will discover in class may be fast or slow, challenging or sensual, playful or dramatic. When using this form, I am able to lose myself in the dance, letting go of the “I” and experiencing the “we” along with a blissful sense of active quiet. Every time I know what my next move is going to look like, I try to stop, notice the tension in my body, and wait for my body to move in whatever direction it falls. Surprisingly, I sometimes fall upward as my partner supports my weight. Other times we collapse into a ball of laughter. Either way, I rejoice in the freedom and joy of the dance.

Partner movement is also a powerful discovery tool to see how we live our lives and our relationship. The ways we don’t flow in the dance are the same ways that we are blocked in relationships. This workshop is about practicing a different way of being in our partnerships. My intention is that this class will guide you to experience more refined states of awareness with each other. To see your partner though their movement is to see “how they contain their energy, how they express it, and the ways they awaken it.” (Heckler, 1984) Contact can be an amazing experience that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

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