Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

Board Facilitation & Alignment

The relationship between the CEO and the Board is essential for a company’s success.  Working direclty for the CEO or leader of the organization, I facilitate board meetings to create alignment among the board and the leadership team.  The main goal is typically to bring everyone’s best thinking to the table and get clear alignment to the strategy and tactics to be pursued.  Using this collaborative approach, everyone is working together and has a shared commitment to the organizational strategy.

With backgrounds in both business and psychology, and 10+ years of experience in training and facilitation, I can use a wide variety of facilitation techniques to generate a dialogue that moves the team forward through conflict, challenging situations, and ambiguity.

Whether it’s developing the vision and mission, creating consensus on the approach, or making key decisions, I design and facilitate board retreats and meetings that will generate momentum to achieve the organization’s goals.  I ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and even if the leader or group makes an unpopular decision, that the entire board and leadership team will understand and fully support the decision.  The shared understanding created at the leadership and board  level will create the foundation so that all the organization’s resources can be directed to achieve the most important business goals.

My previous facilitations include:

  • Facilitated a 1-day leadership team meeting at DataSift to clarify the company’s strategy.
  • Facilitated three end-of-year retreats for the Black Rock City LLC board of directors to improve operations and define the vision and goals of the organization.
  • Designed and facilitated a strategic planning retreat for PowerCatalyst, an energy industry consulting firm.
  • Designed and facilitated the annual retreat for Council on Spiritual Practices to develop the vision, mission, and goals of the non-profit.
  • Co-facilitated the strategic retreat for the Arete Center for Excellence to define the values, vision, and strategy.
  • Facilitated the retreat for the Awe-to-Action Psychology Research Team from 6 leading universities to design and launch cross-disciplinary scientific studies.
  • Designed and facilitated the annual steering committee retreat for the Richmond District Interfaith Coalition, RDI/NAC, a San Francisco-based non-profit.

For a list of my corporate facilitation projects, please see Executive Retreats.   Read Testimonials.

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