Jason Gore
Boulder, San Francisco, NYC

Leadership Coaching at Startups

I manage a team of coaches at Neuberg, Gore & Associates.  We specialize in working with CEOs and COOs of  high-growth startups to help them build their organizations to be able to scale successfully.  Generally, other members of my NGA work with other executives.

As startups grow, the leadership capabilities of any CEO will be tested.  My goal is to support the CEO in building his/her leadership capabilities to be able to meet the challenges just around the next corner.   A 50-person company requires different leadership skills than a 100-person company, so I help my clients understand what their next step is to develop their leadership skill set and help them navigate the challenges of building their organization.  As a result, my clients will be able to lead the organization effectively, achieve business results, and stay in their leadership roles longer without having a layer of management put above them.

Generally, I work with people who have a goal to improve their capabilities and themselves.  Given my backgrounds in psychology, business, and somatics, I bring a wide spectrum of experience to my coaching, which includes intellectual, body-based, and at times spiritual exploration.

I also find it most effective to work together across all domains of a leader’s life–leadership challenges that arise at work are often reflected in the home and community settings.  For example, if a leader doesn’t want to confront another executive, it’s likely that the same fears will show up in a leader’s personal life.

At the end of the day,  I can help bring clarity around a leader’s goals and vision, help them connect tot heir intuition, bring structure to moving through the change process, and support leaders in implementing the changes they want to see in their business and in their life.

I consider myself a strengths-based coach. I work on helping leaders use your strengths to achieve their goals. In terms of weakness, sometimes just awareness is all that is needed to overcome them and move to the next level.

To the right, are a few functional areas of coaching in which I have expertise.   Please read some of my testimonials.


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